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Please accept my thanks if you do send something, the response so far has been so positive that I would need days to respond to everyone
so my apologies if you dont hear from me but I do appreciate everyone that has taken an interest in looking and helping.

Thanks to everyone that has helped and supported me, I couldn't raise enough to stay in my home but the pain of moving was eased by the help and generosity people
have shown and for the that alone your help was invaluable.


Audi TT Shopping - TT Spares
TT Stuff dot Com - Accessories & Mods
Eclipse Lights - Fantastic Angel Eyes
The TT Shop - Accessories & Mods
GTT Tuning Shop - Accessories & Mods
VAGPARTS - All Parts & Mods
Audi Breakers - 2nd hand parts
Bench &Wine Rack

OSIR Design - Specialist TT bits

Tuners & Mods


Waks Recommendations
Tuner- Vagcheck
DV, FMIC, Hoses -FORGE Motorsport
Diagnostics - VAGcheck
Tyres - Wraysbury Tyres

MOT- Berkeley MOT (W.London)

Audi &TT Links
Polish TT Club
OZ Audi Forum
TT Forum NL
Audi TT Club in Spain

UK TT Forum
Club Audi
UK TT Owners Club
Audi Sport-Net Forum
French TT Owners Club
Audi TT Car Club of America
TT DesignParts
TT @ West
The Audi Zone
Haldex Website
TT Toolkit
PDI Checklist
Wak-TT Wallpaper
Unknown - Good TT Links

 If you need to translate a website or a word into English try pasting the URL into the Altavista translator, its does a reasonable job!!

Warranty Work
Front Screen April/May 2002
Boot Lock 10/10/2002
Heater Control Knob Cracked 25/11/2002
Coil Pack 1 09/12/2002  - Old Coils!
Coil Pack 2 23/01/2003
Dual Mass Flywheel
Haldex 2004
Bushes 08/2005
Small Turbo Pipe 02/09/2005

The Other Toy


UK Events


TT Brake hose failure

Coil Pack Recall Press Feb 2003
Broken Control Arms
Window drop issues
Audi Technicians View
Recall Information
N249 Pipe problem
Broken Rear Springs

Cool Car Sites

Bad Driving - Videos



AmD Serial Port Mapping
One Click 1.8T

TT Information
How are they Built?

TT Coupe Self  Study
TT Roadster Self  Study
The TT Overview

Explore the 225 Engine
Rollers & Haldex fuses
DTC Code List
TT Technical Documents
How to Access Climate Control Codes -
Climate Control Codes
Bose Amp Pictures
Swissol Leather Healer
Mark Underwoods Swissol Prep Doc

Wicked Wheels refurb
Winter Rubber Mats
2 year warranty info
Baby Seats
Audi - TT Accessories Brochure
TT Fuse Panels
Hose Clips
Ipaq Sat Nav

Chorus2/Concert2 radio pins
SAFE radio code entry
Xenon Lamps - Misting
V6 Height Opinions - USA Tech day
225TTC (2002) Service Schedule
Polyurethane Bushes from Forge
Polyurethane Application List
NOS TT - Caneys Baby
Tyre Reviews
Auto Connect - Radio Interfaces
3.2 TT Reference Pictures
AVS Spec Oil 503.01
ESP_on 5th Gear
G235 Exhaust Gas Temperature

1st MOT W.London
Timing Belt Change



TT How To
What is VAGCOM & Coding
VAGCOM Measuring blocks
VAG-COM Coding Ross-Tech

How to change a Battery
Removing a fly
Forge Dump Valve Servicing
Changing Air-Filter
Removing a door panel
Removing a coupe boot trim panel
How to Check Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid
Fitting Mudflaps
Switching Lamps Over for Europe
How to disconnect the MAF/AMM plug
MAF/AMM Cleaning
Remove a Front Bumper
Remove a Rear Bumper
Lubricate anti-rollbar bushes
Mapped cooling error-
Temperature Sensor changing

Getting to hidden CoilPacks & SparkPlugs
Changing Bulbs
Dashboard Switches(e.g. Hazzard)
Coding Keys (not tested)
Haldex Oil change
Timing belt change
Seat Creak - possible cure
Changing Front Arb Notes
Changing Alarm Siren
Door Lock problems
Jeff Bipes TTR Page - lots of info

DV Repositioning
White Number Plate LEDs
Fitting Bosch Aerotwin Wipers
Philips Blue Vision Bulb / LED Sidelights
Eurodezigns Bulbs...check these out too
Fit a Boostgauge
Forge Ramair Induction Kit
Waks Power Induction Kit
Neuspeed P-Flow induction kit
Pipercross Viper Induction Kit
Fit a Sony CDX-T70MX Mp3 changer
12V Boot Socket
PS2 12v Power supply
Mirror Switch Cover
Add a Subwoofer to Bose
AMD Rear Brake Upgrade
Eclipse-Lights / Angel eyes
V6 Aluminium paddles
Boost Machine
DV Shimming
Anti Roll Bar
Garage Door Opener
Gauge Pack
In-Vent Gauges (inc Oil Pressure)
Gauges_UK 225
Front Grill
Coil Pack Clamps
Haldex Performance Part
Intercooler Misting - UK225
Forge Optimus DV
DV Testing
Caliper Painting
Steve Schwings - VTDA Induction kit
Induction Testing
DEFCON - Bushes
Water/Methanol Injection
More of my Mods

TT Mod Bits

Useful Stuff
Cleaning tips website
PRI Racing - Great Wheel bolt shop
Accident Management

Cheap DVD Media
Home watcher
BT Broadband Diagnostics
Elephant - Car Insurance
UK PriceRunner

Wav Sites
Water Sculptures

DVD Firmware
More DVD Firmware
Bank Sort Code Finder
Camera Mounts
Superb Online Model Shop
A/C Installation - Cool'n'heat
A/C Installations - CrafftAir
AstaLaVista Baby
Speed Trap Bible

UK Speedtraps
Cutting the Grass
How to stay cool
Congestion Charging Web

Web Friends
Ian Gammie
Paul Willis
Paul Willis-TTFun
Tony Lewis
Dave Welsh
Kevin TT
Paul Beastall's TT Page
Geoff's TT Page
James - Coupe-Sport
NuTTs Page
Steve Schwing - Modshack
Mayur's fantastic pics
ImsTTer - ibetz
Jeff Bipes TT Page

UK TT Forum
WhiTTe! Forum

EVO Forum
UK TT Forum
Audi Sport-Net Forum

Archiver Galleries & Videos
Email if you want to see them
GTI International 2002
TT Meet Beaconsfield 21-04-2002

Galleries & Videos
Heath 2007
London Dec 2006
London Dec 2005
Accident 20050728
Inside Out Laser Guns Sep 2005
Taking a look 2005
Top Gear Roadsters 2005

Castle Combe Feb 2005
London Dec 2004
What I want for Christmas
Amd Nov 2004
Castle Combe Sept 2004
Poole Quay July 2004
Castle Combe July  2004
Brooklands July 2004
Solunteers June 2004
Amd June 2004
Motor Show 2004
Top Gear 20040512
GTI International 2004
RiskTT - pics
Wayside 010204
Amd Feb 2004

Caney's Day at Performance VW
London 20031203
Kneesworth Dec  2003
Southend Nov 2003
Amd Nov 2003
Scotland  2003
Amd Sep 2003
Interpro 2003
Club-Audi 4 rings2003
TTOC Burghley House 2003
Frazers Burghley Pics
Lakes Cruise 06/2003
Pennines 06/2003
Poole/London  05/2003
Wayside Audi 05/2003
GTI International 2003
Wax Wizards Visit - May 2003
Castle Combe 2003
Peterborough 2003
Isle of Wight 2003
Beaconsfield 2003
London Midnight Meet March
EGM Jan 2002
Floods Jan 2003
London 20021230

3 Counties Meet Nov 2002
Vlastans First Day
Wak-TT at TT@West
Castle Combe 20021012

International TT Meet 2002-TT Only

International TT Meet 2002-Full

International TT Meet 2002-The Vids
Wak -Beaulieu 2002
NotmStrm -Beaulieu 2002
B3EVS - Beaulieu 2002
KiwiTT - Beaulieu 2002

Franck - Beaulieu 2002
Concept Car Show 2002
Castle Combe 20020904
Castle Combe The Vid!
Castle Combe Track Map
Hose collapse over 5000 revs
Aliens in action 1
Aliens in action 2
Kevs window drop video
Miscellaneous TT Gallery
AmD FMIC & OC Install
Armourfend Install
Black BaseBall-Yummy!
My Mods
My Performance


Auto Stuff  :o)
Bentley Publishers
Number Plates
Incar discount (ICE)
Parking Systems

Pentagon Security Glass
Car Phone Kits
Tyre Size Calculator
2 Year Warranty Info
Forge Motorsport
Spinning Alloy Wheels
Parking Sensors
Hoses & Oil Coolers
VIN Checker
Eurotec Skedriver Page
UK Road vehicle lighting regulations
HM Stationary Office
Quick Fit Safety Belts
Wicked Wheels
Custom Exhausts
Interesting ABS Article
Xenons & Washers
My old Mercedes 280 SLC


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