Timing Belt @ 53K

I was due a timing belt change and a few service bits have come up.

AmD have done an excellent job for me, I managed to take some pictures so you could see the condition of the belt. Unfortunately, my belt and pump were in very good condition.
But at what cost is peace of mind over a 3.5k engine rebuild.

Plus they got me a Metal Water pump, read on... I found some issues read on.

I found that my temps were 7-10 degrees higher on average and could not understand why. In three year of motoring my needle has been rock solid bar 6-7 times.
In 3 weeks its been up every day, almost every journey.

So an oem water pump has been fitted giving me back some 3-5 degrees in temps and I have some theories on the thermostat I am about to prove...


Part numbers:-

06B109119A Timing Belt
06B109243D Tension Roller

06B109477 - Tensioner Damper

(First Line) Water Pump

06B260849E V-Belt

? - Thermostat