Diverter Valve Re-Positioning
Sep 2003

There is a guy in the states who has been playing with his TT more than you can imagine, Steve Schwing comes up with some fabulous ideas through enthusiasm and the desire to improve on mass production design.

Sometimes one has to understand the logic behind a mod and if the logic is simple then the mod should work.
The logic is "Why divert hot air from after the turbo into the intake system when you can divert colder air from after the intercoolers"?

Hmmmmm logical and sounds like a good idea..........I had to have a go! :o)
Steves pictorial is here:- Steve Schwings DV relocation

I had my own twist (so to speak) to this, in that I did not relocate the DV but simply twist it to take input from the manifold inlet pipe.

I get the same power/response benefits however lose the benefits of having hte DV further away from such a high heat source. i.e. longevity.
I guess there may be some gained benefit by the DV not being as cool and possibly heating the diverted air but this installation is simpler and I think the charged air would pass through quickly enough to not be effected too much.


You need some help from Forge Motorsport for a DV relocation kit.

This comprises of a 60mm T Piece, a length of boost pressure hose (which I didnt use), a 1 inch bung, jubilee clips, a length of Samco Superflex hose.
I dont believe the OEM intake hose would take the T piece and luckily Forge supplied the Samco Inlet manifold hose.

Its best to start this by working with the air box and battery, remove the airbox first.

Then remove the battery, bolts need undoing and the cover sliding up

The T-piece needs reducing as its too long and the whole assembly installed.

Remove the DV and fit the bung into the original inlet hose.
Refit the battery.

Re-connect the DV but face it towards the front of the car.
Cut the Samco super flex hose to fit the path from the DV to the manifold pipe t-piece.

Thats about it, put it all together and take a test drive.

You'll be suprised at how responsive the engine is, I was expecting a minor difference but you can really tell when you decelerate and accelerate how much quicker the car is to responding and getting on boost.

I recommend this mod, not hard to do , not expensive and a good solid improvement over OEM.

Steves page has graphs if you want the science of it, I just use my seat of my pants rolling road to tell its a nice gainful mod.

UPDATE 11/06/2004

Helped UK225 do his relocation which was the full DV move as well.

A neat tip to put a jubille clip on the hose to make a cutting line, the joined hose finish looked great

A genuine Audi part used to provide the 90 degree elbow required.

The finished install looked excellent. the engine cover had a small piece cut out of it for the pipe to exit.

Some 180 version pics

UPDATE:- 8th August 2004

I had to take it further
(specially after UK225 rubbing it in on how much easier it is to service the DV)
and complete the move after getting hold of the required elbow.

I started with this..

Installed the VAG elbow

Installed a 25mm 90 degree samco elbow, mounted the DV,
mounted some flexible pressure pipe to some rigid boost pipe....

Cut a little off the engine cover and ended up with a neat install.


UPDATE:- Helped do CliveD's with UK225 supervising! ;o)

Clive's DVRS from Forgemotorsport

Next to a Hyperboost

Next to the original DVR