Coil Pack Failure No.2

Jan 23rd 2003 - 11262 miles

Only about a month and a half after Cylinder 1 Coil pack goes, I leave work to go home for lunch, just pull on to a roundabout and I lose another cylinder, misfire and engine light is flashing.

Pull up into the nearest bus stop, no panic, no fuss, call Audi Assist and they say an Audi Dedicated Technician will be with me in an hour.

I call my office and ask a colleague to get me my Laptop and diagnostic cable, he turns up and we diagnose Cylinder 4, the hardest one to get to!
Whilst testing we notice that nasty eggy smell that accompanies neat fuel dumped onto a catalytic converter.

NOTE: I DO NOT believe that the injector is disabled to save damage to the cat, if anyone tells you its ok to drive a few miles home or to a dealer...its your car you make the decision but I will not drive at all with a coil pack failure.

Audi Tech turns up in about 1.5 hours, is impressed I knew its cylinder 4. He promptly takes off the engine cover, leans on the water bottle cover and cracks it! >:o( Impressed I am NOT!

So thanks Mr Audi, due to an office move this is the last week I can go home to lunch, this lunch is wasted and the following day I have to visit a dealer to arrange a replacement engine cover.

Sorry, no pictures this time!

So he replaces the coil pack but the only packs he has are H packs.

So what have Audi done?

1. Fitted very very sub standard coil packs.
2. Put me at risk of power loss during manoeuvres
3. Induced a level of paranoia which makes me wonder if: -
I will finish a journey
If I will complete a possibly life threatening manoeuvre
Every little idle fluctuation makes me think a coil pack is about to fail.


I sent this letter to Audi Customer Services.

Audi sent me a nice letter and a voucher to spend at a dealer but no confirmation of coilpack replacement or any specific details on how the issue will be handled.

So I sent this 2nd letter to Audi Customer Services