Accessing Climate Control Codes

There a number of sensor values that can be displayed via the climate control system.
The list of codes here are not from a TT but 90% will work as described.

Climate Control Codes

How to access them is explained but here's a pictorial to simplify it a little.

Press Recycle and Up together

The display will change to 1C,

Twist the temperature dial to increase or decrease the displayed code

Press Recycle to activate the display
e.g. 20C = Voltage display

Then simply twist the temp control to select other codes

Press Recycle to activate.

While in this mode you wont be able to adjust the climate temperature,
Just press Recycle and Up to go back to normal operation.


Of the codes I found, a few are of the most use in normal driving
the others are really for diagnostics

20C = Voltage
49C = Coolant temp (Accurate)

48C = Display test
Climate Control Codes