How to get to the
Coil Packs & Spark Plugs

You need a Torque wrench capable of 10nm and 30nm.
A 5mm allen key bit
A 10mm socket, ratchet drivers and extensions
Long nose pliers
A small lever to help lift coil packs
Anything magnetic to help retrieve things
Patience, you do not want to rush this job.

225 TT plugs are NGK Double Platinum PFR6Q

Take your time, be careful not to drop bolts and watch your driver bits when you withdraw tools.

A 1/4 turn on the 2 engine cover screws to release it, slide it towards you.
Aftermarket oil filler caps may need to be removed first.

Remove the N249 connector plug

Unclip the heat shield fabric and tuck out of the way
Undo the 10mm bolt on the vacuum chamber

The vacuum chamber is now free to be moved at will

Use long nose pliers to spread a clip and release the vacuum hose

The whole N249 assembly sits in a rubber bush
The bush has a slot in it that slides onto a tooth on the bracket, slide the entire assembly off the tooth.

Move the assembly to one side

There are 5x 5mm allen bolts to undo, 1 is difficult to get to

You will need to flex some pipe or have a special tool to undo this one

With the 5 bolts removed the bracket can be withdrawn

You should now have access to Coil Pack heads 3 and 4
The connectors are tight for space so a little force is needed to clear the coil packs
The packs can be lifted, a lever like a bicycle tyre lever would help.
The spark plugs are now accessible and new ones should have a torque setting 30nm.

Reverse the removal process to refit, set all the refitted bolts to 10nm