Centre Dashboard Switches

There's a great article posted on AudiWorld about how to release your dashboard switches
e.g. the Hazzard warning, turn signal relay is a common failing part.


Its not often you get a chance to see the part outside of its housing so hopefully these pics will help you if you have to do it yourself.

After following the above link and removing the radio and dropping the initial top flap, its not immediately obvious what needs to be done next and what precautions to take.

The main housing for all the switches has 3 location points which should not need to be touched

If you look underneath there is a retaining flap that locates by pushing over two plastic nipples

It is hinged and simply needs pulling to release

This hinged flap has a plastic edge that locates across a ridge on all the switches.
This is important as its this that stops a switch disappearing into the dashboard when you press it.

Once the flap is dropped you can push the dash switch to release it and drop it through the radio flap for servicing.

If the released flap is dropped too far or is pulled toward the front of the car, its hinges could disengage, this picture should help you understand what you have to feed it back into to re-engage it.

When pushing the flap back in place, ensure all the switches are pushed forward towards you in the dash so that when clicking the flap the ridge engages on all the switch housings.
Push all the switches with moderate force to ensure they don't drop into the dash if you happen to have missed a housing edge.
(do this check before fitting the radio back in) :o)

Hope these pics will help you if you ever have to do this yourself.