Removing the Rear Bumper Cover

I had an annoying tinny rattle, only occurred at an idle speed but would be very embarrassing in crowds or at traffic lights, crawling along in traffic etc.... A Mechanics stethoscope helped me target where I believed the noise to be.

Tools:- you will need a T25 Driver
Jacks, Torque wrench
plus a 10mm small socket with a swivel joint.

The mod linked here will help describe removing the rear lights - The Double Brake Light Mod
Remove both rear lights, by opening boot flap and undoing the two knurled knobs inside.

Jack the car up on both sides of the rear and remove both wheels

Unclip the two covering plastic trim pieces near each boot corner and lift them off revealing
two torx screws each side, remove all four screws

Remove both inner Torx screws from the valance

Undo all 11 screws holding each arch liner, jiggle it down over the brake disk and lean the top out over the disk to withdraw it, remove both of them.

Inside each wheel arch are two 10mm bolts,
use a small ratchet with swivel joint to undo both bolts on both sides of the car.
(pictures after removal as its too compact inside to get a good picture.)

At this point the bumper can be pulled out of the wings and pulled away from the guides shown below.

The marked arrows show you how the bumper fits by being slid into the guides

My rattle is solved, the ballast weight is held by 3 bolts,
only two were tight on mine, tightened the third and my rattle is gone!

Below are pictures of what else is behind a bumper cover