TT Toolkit

Being prepared is one of my little quirks and being able to have a stab at fixing my own car by the roadside or wherever
When you dont want to carry a full mechanics toolkit there are a few useful essentials to consider.

TOOLS 1 - General useful tool kit

The TT has two main sizes of spline bolts T25 & T30, bits for these two should be carried.

There are a multitude of multi tools out there but the Swisstool is superbly crafted and comes with a nice case and great little hex set with a few spare slots to fit those bits into.

My other favourite tool is the SKEW Driver, that takes all standard hex bits but gets into tight corners with ease, like the end bolts on the TT dash and top dash mount speakers that some cars have which are tight to get at between the dash and windscreen.

This is my favourite portable kit and at least one other forum member may remember how useful it was in France! ;o)

TOOLS 2 - Vacuum Gauge

This has to be one of the most understated tools that has the power of saving you an expensive bills.
Its a hand vacuum gauge and available from ALBA DIAGNOSTIC Part no.ALB80000 Can help if you are interested in this tool.

There are a multitude of uses including one man brake calliper bleeding and fluid change, various engine tests all described in the manual but the one of most use to you as a turbo owner is testing for a failed or sticking dump valve.

The kit comes with adapters and tubes to satisfy many many applications but to test a DV,
Pull the top hose from the DV
Connect the gauge via a hose
Run the engine
Suck some air out of the DV

The engine note should change if the DV is free to move...else its stuck.

If the note does change and you have got a vacuum reading, the reading should hold....else the DV is leaking.

This is definitely a tool I'll be using to check my DV regularly.

TOOLS 3 - Auto Electric Test Probe.

Anyone into working on their cars and playing with the electrics would benefit from a professional test probe.
This one is a SuperProbe and is available from ALBA DIAGNOSTIC Part no.ALB3000. Can help if you are interested in this tool.

Its a multi function diagnostic probe which connects to a battery supply and has approx 4m flying lead to reach various areas of the car.

It can operate on 6v to 24v.

It has a pointed end that can get into small contacts and puncture cable sleeve to check polarity.

It can be switched to provide a feed or an earth to check a circuit.
A small flying lead provides and earth point that can be used to test continuity.
Different audible sounds are made with red/green leds to indicate +ve or -ve lines.

And best of all its got some led's in the head to illuminate any dark areas you may be working in.

TOOLS 4 - Software Diagnostics


Is, in my opinion, an essential piece of software to anyone that wants to understand the diagnostics a dealer has access to.

Most electrical and sensory systems are linked to the cars ECU and diagnostics and dealers will basically use this to diagnose a problem first before spending time on mechanical diagnostics. Its something to consider as a tool which can offer you help in diagnosing problems and preparing you for the 2nd opinion you may be seeking from the dealer.

And this central locking decode tool is the next essential piece of software to compliment Vag-Com.
Central locking coding tool written by Kevin ST from the TT Forum

Base Code Tool