Seat Creak

I owe you an apology for leaving trying out a tip, you gave me, for such a long time.
I think it was almost a year ago you mentioned this.

I have lived with a seat creak for 2.5 years and today (12/04/2005) it was fixed in 30 seconds.

I cant believe how simple it was to do, if you have a seat base creak, this may cure it.

Use some Halfords Nylon/Rubber lube spray on the spring areas under the seat base.

Get a large amount of Kitchen role and create a large absorbent pad for yourself and put it on the floor under the seat. Use kitchen role paper not a towel.

The spray some lube in the marked areas in the pics, leave the kitchen towel over night to take any excess lube. It works I have had a fantastic creak free day and the Halfords lube leaves no odours.