TT Mod Bits

 This page contains some mod bits that may be useful to you.

These bits for fitting a boost gauge are available from
who are also a supplier of many hoses, connectors and MOCAL Oil coolers

Some people prefer a flexible boost hose but I like the fact that the rigid nylon will be flex free making the boost gauge more precise in my opinion. The T-Piece is well made and comes in brass or steel (shown below).
NOTE:- the T-piece works well on SKN boost gauges with a separate controller, most guages should have a T-piece with restrictor to smooth the boost pressure and stop pulsing on the guage.


Available from your VAG dealer

These clips can help you make some nice routes for pipes, cables or engine earthing leads for example

Around 3 pounds each                         3 pounds each                                  About  40p each

This picture has examples of my engine earthing and DV boost pipe neatly routed using these clips.

Fitting a 52mm Boost gauge will be easier with one of Steve Schwings Vent gauge adapters and if you need a unique mounting point, Steves Gadget could be just the ticket! :o)

Both are available from Steve Click the pictures below for more information.




The thread for the Oil Pressure Sender is M10x1,
There is another M10x1 under Item 10 which is a blanking plug,
This is ideal for a temp or pressure gauge sensor.
Some useful information can be found here

NOTE: I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS YET :o/ But its an alternative.

This device is meant to allow relocation of the oil pressure sender on VAG cars to allow a VDO sender to be installed as well.

Available from


Towing Eye for RR's

Some RR's may need to strap down behind the bumper, the standard towing eye is a bit short for this and the straps may get a little too close for comfort.

The Audi S8 Towing eye is the answer.

Airbag adapter

If you are doing any work removing a seat, you should use an airbag adapter to keep it safe.