R32 Anti Roll Bar

BMX on the TT forum recommended this mod and like the sceptic I am I thought it was unlikely to be as good as he was making out.

Standard ARB's are 20mm front and 14mm rear.

I was wrong  its even better, this is one of those mods that transforms the car into handling the way it should, just like chipping gives it the power it deserves.

The car is more stable and going round bends is like being on rails.

Its the most perfectly balanced I have ever experienced. Thoroughly recommend this mod.
Just remember Audi took this kind of handling away for a reason, but its fantastic, for such a low cost and small mod everyone should do it.

You could go for a more tame 16mm arb, but I went for the 19mm and its excellent, no going back for me.

Go for it you will love it.

WHERE TO GET:- Paul@vagparts.com

Paul got me one of these when VAG group were on backorder, within a week!!!
He has been fantastic in sorting parts I need within a week when VAG have taken months in the past.
He's a forgotten resource and next time you have difficulty getting a part contact him and see.

UK 225 fitted a 22mm Front / 19mm rear Neuspeed arb kit, I thought my car handled well but his car was very controlled and neutral a real joy to drive.

Adding the thicker ARB not only lessens the roll it actually makes the link between left and right suspension stronger an in essence makes the opposing sides of the car work together.

Adding the single rear ARB improved the cornering but made the car feel more like the rear was driving the front. Not so much in cornering but in straight line driving the rear felt stronger and the front was being pushed around. I noticed this less probably because of the Koni coil over kit.

After driving his front/rear Neuspeed setup the cornering is superb but the straight line composure is excellent as well, handling wise its a well sorted car.

I would guess that if you upgrade the rear roll bar only go for the 16mm upgrade to improve the under steer and keep a good balance with the stock bar.

But if you do the 19mm rear then do the front as well,
either by a full Neuspeed front/rear kit
or both Front/Rear R32 Arbs.

R32 Front ARB
(Sorry no pictures)
1J0 411 305 AF   - 23mm Arb
PFF85-411-23    - 23mm Poly Bushes from Powerflex
EKTA PDF (23mm arb)

R32 Rear ARB
1J0 511 409K   - 19m ARB
4B0 511 327   - 19mm OEM Bushes (Avoid these)
http://www.awesome-gti.com can get Neuspeed bushes
They have a grease retaining design.

EKTA PDF (19mm arb)

Get them from www.vagparts.com, Paul can supply Powerflex bushes as well as the oem ones.
(I couldnt get 19mm bushes from Powerfles, awsome-gti can get rear 19mm from Neuspeed)

Doing both is the way to go and its a whole new car definitely recommend this upgrade.