Front Grill &
Riso Blade

A passing glance into ebay and I saw a de-badged grill for sale, winning at 26 was a bargain and I liked the idea of cleaning up the front end. Ive also always thought the badge broke up the front and removing it would make the car seem wider.
The grill is made by a German outfit

 I was also had to figure a way of mounting my garage door opener(GDO),
the oem Audi rings provided a convenient mounting location inside the grill but the new grill was bare.
I sanded and roughened the rear of a central rib on the grill and then used plenty of epoxy resin to mount a holding bracket.
This was left clamped overnight to provide a solid bond and sturdy mount for the GDO.

Part of the bumper removal process needs to be followed to gain access

I tried to do the grill without removing the bumper but there is very limited space, you could fit and remove a GDO this way but it was too hard to do a full grill. I decided to release 1 side of the bumper for more access.


Under the grill are 6 clips you can not see, you have to use feel plus a medium flat screwdriver to try and lever the clips out.

Once the clips are out, use a small flat blade driver to disengage a plastic tabs at the top.
When the tab is disengaged feed a larger flat blade between the grill and bumper body
Twist the larger blade to allow the tab to move a small enough amount that releasing the smaller driver will not allow the tab to re-engage.
Work your way along releasing the upper tabs, the top of the grill should be sitting proud of the bumper by now.

Fitting a new grill is a reversal of removal.


I couldn't leave it alone, and always loved RISO's simple yet effective add-ons and his BLADE trims are a fantastic addition.
So small yet they make a subtle yet dramatic change.

Available from I really like them.

If you want to make a change that's reversible and doesn't cost the earth, these are a superb mod to do.

Many thanks to Phill - EKZ225 from the tt-forum for his invaluable advice on painting.