MAF Cleaning

The Mass Air Flow meter (or AMM Air Mass Meter)
is an intake oxygen measurement device that sits between the air filter and the turbo.
It provides information to the ECU to help it measure how much fuel to release to match the air volume being pulled into the engine under certain load conditions.
Its a hot wire device that has a burn off cycle when shut down that should self clean the unit.

Its felt that maybe some of the MAF failures may be just down to debris or contamination and this process may help be offering a chance at saving you from having to buy a 200 part.

For a little effort its worth a try!

Here my assistant UK225, provided the donor vehicle for the operation and modelled for all the shots.

You'll need some ISOPROPANOL and the right driver to undo the MAF.

Remove the Maf connector

Undo the Maf Screws, these could be Philips, Security 6 star Torx or Security 5 star Torx


Withdraw the MAF unit

MAF close ups.

The MAF consists of an air intake chamber at one end and sealed electronics within the main body.

Hold the MAF over a sink at an angle to allow excess fluid to drain downwards and away from any internal electronics.

Then blast some isopropanol from the spray onto the metal wire area, as you shouldn't make contact with the wire , the force of the spray is all you have to force any debris off.

Whilst the isopropanol should be safe on circuit boards, the time to dry will need to be increased if you allow any to head towards the body

Give it at least 15 minutes to dry and then refit.