Coil Pack Publicity

Some new information (UK)

The official affected TTs are as follows;
(all by chassis no)
TRU...8N.11028943 to TRU...8N.11049118
TRU...8N.21000118 to TRU...8N.21029613
TRU...8N.31000101 to TRU...8N.31000176

the affected engine codes are ARY, AUM, AUQ, AWP, BAM.

The centres are told to change them only upon complaint.Audi Roaside will change all non J,L types when called to a breakdown.At the moment AudiAG only recongnises 1.8T coil problems,not 2.0 and 3.0 engines(red coils are the same as black,only colour diff!!!)
The workshop action is known as 28D2.

How to visually tell a H Coil Pack
Look at the upper side for a full length rectangle:-


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Coil Pack -Watchdog video
12m Realplayer

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How I am handling my case with Audi: -

I sent this letter to Audi Customer Services.

Audi sent me a nice letter and a voucher to spend at a dealer but no confirmation of coilpack replacement or any specific details on how the issue will be handled.

So I sent this 2nd letter to Audi Customer Services

Audi CS my coil packs changed.