TT Hose clips

As there is a tendency for turbo hoses to blow themselves of their pipes it is a good idea to consider upgrading the hose clips to those of a better quality to ensure a much tighter and stronger grip.

I have done some hunting and found this company which manufacture hi quality hose clips, the two of most interest being their Hi-Grip & Hi-Torque in Marine certified stainless steel.

I obtained some samples to gauge the build standards and am very impressed, both models are of a very high level of quality

The Hi-Grip being suitable for all the TT applications starting from 10mm width in the smaller diameters rising to 13mm shown in the pictures below. They have an imprinted and very deep thread for the best grip.

The Hi-Torques are 16mm wide and are for very high grip requirements as the thread is perforated through the metal and a "straight line housing" screw panel ensures the entire length of the screw thread is in contact with the threads for maximum grip.

Both types are very soft edged , rather than rolled edge design JCS have made the clips with rounded edges eliminating anything sharp to cut into the hoses.

The HIGH-GRIPs are best as the Hi-Torques slots wouldn't be suitable for silicone hoses, make sure you select Stainless Steel.


Allfix distributors have a full range good prices and excellent communication and fast delivery.

16mm and 13mm wide
(10mm for smaller Hi-Grips)

Indented thread and cut through thread

Hi-Grip & Hi-Torque

Rounded leaving no sharp edges

Below are the hose clip ranges to buy for the Intake hose

Turbo Hoses are all 80-60mm.


The Turbo Hoses are 80-60mm JCS size 80.

I have these clips all over, and they just feel better quality.

For Small Hose Clips, take a look at MINIABA

available from  in bulk or from

6-8mm are good for boost and fpr vacuum pipes.