Gauges - On Top

In addition to my other gauges in the ashtray,

I have added these two vent gauges, using some of Steve Schwings rings and gadgett.
A vent based oil pressure gauge and an "Entry Gas Temperature gauge", well its an EGT but I am measuring airbox temps with it first.

Dan and Dean at have produced a first prototype of Oil Pressure gauge to add to their range of fantastic digital gauges,
It looks superb and goes well with my A/F and other EGT.

First thing to get is a UK225 and ask him to mod your vents for you, There is only thing about a perfectionist, he'll do you a better job than he'd do on his car. Thanks Morgan. ;o)

Use a coat hanger or as I did a piece of metal from an old central locking kit, to reach into the vents and gently pull at the inner edge to encourage the vent out. Once you have 5-10mm out you can grab it and ease it out.

I wanted the vent to still work as much as possible so modded the mechanism to fit the back of the gauge.

Pull out all the plastic vents and cogs
Cut through the shell at the 2nd ridge in.

Fits perfectly and on of the cog holes can be used as a cable exit.

Oil Pressure sender install, is not as hard as you think.

EGT sensor and Oil Pressure wire exit
Remove the front engine trim cover.
Remove the dipstick plastic trim 2 screws and then the (BAM only) EGT sensor connector,
 then remove the metal support bracket around the dipstick, 2 allen key bolts hold this
use a piece of wire to hold it out of the way

You can now easily access the top of the oil filter housing.
Here you see (left to right) an intrusive bracket top (unused) a blanking plug on an M10 thread and the oem pressure sensor..
I left the oem sensor alone as it was still difficult to get into!
I bent the bracket for clearance and removed the blanking plug (allen socket).

PTF tape was used on the sensor thread, 
But the first problem was that the sensor body is too fat for the location.
Luckily I had already bought a remote sensor location kit

Near the metal panel bracket is a unused hole I fabricated a mount to holt the remote sensor.

Job done.

If you have a smaller body M10x1 thread sensor then you can use the blanking plug location.