Changing Lights for Europe

A few people have asked about changing the lights over for European visits and felt it inconvenient to do.

They run the risk of being spotted by the cops and also annoying other drivers, possibly blinding them.
Imagine how you'd feel if it was done to you!

The following is an example on my own xenon lights, it "should be the same for non xenon lights, but someone will have to confirm to me and I'll update it here.

Its a 5 minute job, all you need is a Philips Screwdriver and probably a small torch as it may be dark at the port.


See my advice on a TT Toolkit!

The following will show you what to do at the battery side as the opposite side is much easier.

Remove the Philips screws holding the covers, 1 behind the water bottle and 3 on the battery cover.

On the battery side you may find the battery earth lead and a wiring loom connector are restricting the light cover from opening. The loom connector sits in a plastic housing on the wing. Its just clipped in and can be pulled out with some force.

Once out, you can open the spring clip on the back of the lamp and ease the cover back.

NOTE: Although the covers can be slid away from the wing and removed completely its a pain in the arse to get it back in in the cold dark confines of a ferry port! You can simply ease it back enough to get your fingers in.

Once you have managed to pull the light cover back, use the torch to try and get a glimpse of the lever, it is small, needs very little effort to move it and very recessed as it pokes out from the front of the dipped beam bulb holder

You can reach it, it will usually require a little stretch of the fingers to get to and feel for it. Take time out to practice at home and it should take no more than 5 minutes to do at the port.

The other side is easier and the levers are symmetrical so if one side moves up the other will move down, just do it again when you come back.