Bootlock 10/10/2002

A sticky and malformed bootlock barrel had caused the boot to fail to open properly, it was changed on this date and up until this point I had no problem with the service received but unfortunately having monitoring facilities in the car proved that my car had been driven at an excess of 60mph to get from a workshop to the parking lot. A very minor distance through a small industrial estate.

I also got a Paint Chip in the rear hatch, but as I "give a shit" and don't want an atom of moisture touching my bear metal bodywork I have touched it up with 3 coats of paint so its almost invisible.

The following email letter was sent to Aston Green Slough on 11/10/2002 and Audi Customer Services. ( )

My car was in for a Warranty repair on the boot lock yesterday.

After I showed you my car had reached a speed of 65mph getting from your workshop to the carpark I was more than a little dissappointed
chose not to make an issue of it. Although I found this behavior to be unnacceptable with someone elses hard earned property.

Your call was a little concerning as I approached your dealership when I bought the car and asked for it to be registered. I was told "its on our system" so it'll be fine.

You have since replaced a windscreen under warranty and no issue was raised then about it not being registered, but you needed details again from me today to register it with Audi.

Im now faced with further dissappointment, after reaching for my tailgate at my office this evening I felt something sharp and on inspection I find a paint chip
to the metal and in a position on the lower edge in front of the number plate light.

It is small but it being their still hurts based the effort I put into my care for the vehicle.

I am an enthusiast of this car, special care being taken with it, I am well known in the UK TT Owners club.
I cleaned the car the night before and have not had a mark on it since I took delivery in March.

I am an objective man and have the following explainations: -

1. it was damaged in error by your technician by a ring on his finger or a watch.
2. it was damaged in error during testing of the new boot lock, perhaps a screwriver was in the technicians hand.
3. it was damaged by someone at my office carpark.
4. A stone bounced around from somewhere and bounced backwards towards my car hitting the underside lip of the hatch.

In the face of incidents, timescales and my journeys yesterday and looking at all the plausible options, I'm afraid I am inclined to go with points 1 or 2. compounded by the fact that my cars 0-60 appeared to be being tested which I could also have been warned of had I switched the acceleration feature on, on my traking system.

Yesterdays events have highlighted a lack of consideration and served to confirm fears of many owners of cars of what may happen when leaving their 2nd biggest expense in the hands of others.

I'd appreciate your point of view on this bearing in mind that I will report on my experience with the other TT owners in as fair and objective as I feel I am being here.

Audi Customer Services confirmed I wasn't registered, thanks AGS!

AG Slough's service guy called to apologise telling me his manager was looking into it. I am expecting an update from both sometime soon.


The bootlock however is fixed, but the mechanism is sticky, copious amounts of WD40 will be needed I feel.