AmD Rear Brake Upgrade

If you have upgraded the front brakes to Brembo or Porsche spec and have wanted something for the rears to give a helping hand and balance the aesthetics then AmdTechnik have a new solution for you.

This kit essentially provide you with the additional efficiency of a larger drilled disc and in addition looks great specially for matching up to already drilled front discs

A custom mounting bracket and floating disc arrangement take the oem calliper further out to take the larger rotor.

The rotor construction looks quality and bell is anodised so should look great for years to come.

If you’ve ever driven your car hard and then parked it quickly without properly cooling down the rotors then you are most likely familiar with the troubles of rotor warpage.


The basic design of a one piece rotor does not allow for the necessary thermal expansion produced from aggressive driving. Often if the rotor is brought to severe high temperatures and then not allowed to cool properly pad material can be deposited onto the rotor surface or because of imbalanced cooling rotor warping can occur.

The engineering fix for this is a two piece rotor design which allows the rotor ring to “float” freely on the hat allowing it to expand as needed under driving conditions. These rotors feature a multi-piece mounting design that allows for the free thermal expansion of the rotor ring on the rotor hat without any additional clatter/noise commonly associated with a floating 2 piece design.

The handbrake cable needs modifying to accommodate the extra length and shield also needs modifying to accommodate the larger disc.

Although most braking is at the front generally you can feel like there is a little more help from the rear when needing additional stopping power. And as for the looks....then look fantastic and really finish off a brake upgrade nicely. :o)

These will be of great interest to those who do drive their TT's as they should be driven or are frequent track day drivers.

Update: after a bedding in period, I have found them fantastic, the handbrake seems to grip much better for less effort and after a few heavy braking incidents you can feel as if 4 wheels are braking and the rear of the car is doing something.

They are not cheap but their lifespan is 2-3 times longer than fronts and the extra efficiency plus ability to use the oem caliper and any oem compatible pads makes them excellent value.

I believe this is the first in the country, the standard 4wd rears are 256mm,
these are bigger 300mm x 22mm

Email Craig at AmD for details or call him on 01869 323205