Mk1 TT early wishbone bush emulators

When the first TT came out the German engineers designed a handling package that was sporty and impressive.
However due to some poor driving Audi decided the general public were not capable of handling a sports car and dumbed down the front wish bones to introduce an under steer characteristic which was considered safer as well as ESP to help . This also made the early front arms highly sought after by some purists.

This picture shows you the changes Audi made.

Mike Phillips in the USA has engineered an adapter that is available through Steve Schwings site

The DEFCON Bushings, engineered and developed by Mike Phillips (MCPaudiTT/MCPi), are hard anodized inserts for the front bushing of your Mark 2 suspension arms. Installation, with the original Mark 1 bush, and refreshing of your rear bush with OEM MK1 parts yields performance identical to the legendary Mark 1 early suspension components,

Other options are detailed below in the link and more details about this mod

I bought the DEFCON 4 listing on Steve's and bought the complete kit with new bolts.

You get a finely engineered bush collar , set of bushes and new bolts for the wishbone connections.

The change to handling is unreal!, that additional few millimetres closed off by the collars turn the TT into a point and click machine, cornering is a joy, the handling has become extremely balanced, changes in direction are sharp and positive.

I feel this is an excellent addition to the TT if you are after a simple and positive upgrade get them they are great. fitted mine and you'll need someone with a press and technique to fit them.

I started with a 19mm R32 bar on the rear to induce over steer, on the straights it was twitchy so the front 23mm R32 bar was added to balance things up, this had to bring some under steer back but you still benefited from the flatter cornering the bars introduced. I thought this was as bought as good as it gets but:-

These bushes have completed the package and made the handling superb, thoroughly recommended!