This page is to try and create a repository of answers to typical TT related questions.
The information is provided in good faith and believed to be correct, please use it with
caution and let me know if there are any errors.

How does the interior monitor disable function work? Open the drivers door first, then press the console switch and it should light. Then exit and arm the alarm. When you unlock and lock the car a 2nd time it will be back to normal.
How can you tell the difference between a 225 and a 180bhp TT Open the bonnet and check the engine components, they are very different:-
A 180 bhp
A 225bhp
How do I change over the Lights for Europe Look Here
My screen has cracked up and along without a stone chip This is most likely a stress crack and should be under warranty if there is no stone chip.
My boot lock is sticking A misalignment on the production line could be the cause as they are known to cause problems occasionally. It could also be some deformation causing the problem, WD40 may help.
My Climate Control switch has cracked Another occasional problem is the switch forms a crack accross it, unfortunately the Climate Control Controls are a single part number and switches cant be ordered. (as of 12/02)
How to change an Air Filter This is an easy job and can be accomplished in 15 minutes, click here.
How to remove a Door Panel Another novice job that could save you a trip to a dealer, click here.
My Auto Lock has stopped working This has happened to a few TTOC members and TTotal (John) posted this:-

Last night I tried every single combination of switching , turning, opening, closing (but not dancing around the TT in a tribal dance thanks Wak !) The final sequence...
Turn off engine, leave keys in ignition, click doors locked with centre console button, open passenger door (leave open) , open drivers door, (leave open) start engine, close doors, drive away and BINGO back on ! Now thats not in my handbook

There is no confirmation until it happens again to someone but if it happens to you please try it and let me know.

Whats a Coil Pack? Look Here
What are the main engine components? Look Here
Can I stack 4 wheels in a Coupe? Yes, Move the passenger seat forwards ( you could still carry a short passenger), lower both rear seats and remove the hatch shelf.
Take cardboard and sheets with you to wrap/protect the wheels and interior trim.
These 2 combinations will work but there could be more, despite how they look the screen will not touch the tyre when the hatch is closed: -


My Car is underpowered, the engine management light is on, and I can hear blowing noises!  This has been reported enough to be worth mentioning, so far it seems to only have effected 225's....follow the metal turbo pipe across the top of the engine bay down to the front of the car, the connecting rubber pipe may have come off simply because the jubilee clip was loose....refit and tighten it!
WINDOW DROP ISSUES Information here:- But personally if you are having rollback issues I would try Halfords Vinyl/Rubber lube spray on the window guides and door length rubber first, before getting a dealer to adjust it!

Worked well for me!

How to Lower Headrests on a TTR Audiworld Article on how to lower the headrests
How to Recode keys My version

You will need BOTH of your "switchblade" keys to reprogram one or both of them.

1. Take the key you DO NOT want to program and put it in the ignition. Turn it one click forward, ignition on, dont start.

2. Close the door, insert second key into the lock and lock the drivers door with the second key by twisting to the lock position, do not use the button.

3. On the second key (the one in the drivers door) press the 'UNLOCK' button TWICE only. The lights will flash on the car, but the doors will remain locked.
(TWICE is so the system understands there are two remote keys, if you do it ONCE only, the key in the ignition will be de-programmed)
(If you are doing one remote key using a plastic wallet key then only press once)

4. With the second key still in the drivers door, unlock then lock the door again by twisting it , NOT by using the buttons.

5. Pull the key from the slot and test remote functions.
( it may only function to unlock while the other key is in the ignition)

6. Open drivers door, remove key from ignition.

(See Step 3 re this note)
If both of your remotes don't work, do the above for the first key, but on step #3, press the 'UNLOCK' button twice. The lights will flash twice, then continue on with step #4.

AFAIK this is only to get remotes to functions to lock/unlock the car, coding for the immobiliser is still a dealer visit.