How to remove the AMM/MAF Connector

Is it that hard? NO..but its a flimsy design and easy to break so this may help you.

I wouldn't do this for a connector!  unless I hadn't struggled with one or if I hadn't seen a few broken ones.

The AMM sits between the Airfilter box and the turbo intake hose.


Push the shown catch gently towards the back.
This will raise a flimsy rectangular piece of plastic (shown in red) upwards enough to clear a tooth that it latches over.

Then slide the whole housing backwards off the AMM.....that's it nice and simple

If it seems stiff, don't force it....look at it from above and ensure the little catch is being raised and then pull hard.

If you manage to break this catch its a pain to replace the entire connector and you do not want a loose plug on your AMM.

If you happen to have a later MAF you may need a TP25 (Torx PLUS) Security bit.