Mk1 TT DRL Mod Front and Rear

Wasim's new DRL  mod is superb, pictures can do it justice, after months of research into the type of led's that Audi are using he has created
not only the oem style and brightness, but developed a circuit to switch off the DRL while the indicator is flashing.

Video Demonstrations Wak ( Lens style) & Amit (OEM style)


OEM TTS Style    Focussed Lens Style


Each Pair of LED strips are hand made onto an aluminium strip that been constructed to fit the curve required and act as a heat sink, in addition a custom circuit board has been developed that holds the regulating power supplies.

Also a custom chip has been developed that controls the switching logic of switching off the DRL while indicating and then switching them back on within 0.5s once indicating is cancelled.

The circuits also Dim the DRL's when the Headlights are switched on just like the AUDI OEM units do.

Construction takes approximately 7 hours per pair including building each circuit board as well , a list of parts is shown to emphasise how much work goes into these units!

Units are supplied constructed and the circuit boards ready to install in your lamps, The headlamps need some modification, 4 wires to connect , 1 single wire needs to be wired to the indicator +ve feed on the engine bay wiring loom otherwise all wiring is internal to the lamp.

Clear or smoke corners are required if you do not already have them!

Metal Strip x 2
Heat Sink & rivot x 24
Lens & screw x 24
Luxeon White LED x 24
Luxeon Orange LED x 24
Power Regulator x 8
PCB x2
Transistor PW x 2
Transistor BC x 2
Resistor x 6
Relay x 4
Diode x2
Capacitor x 8
DIL holder x 2
Program chip x 2


Enquiries to :-

Supply only OEM style lights, and Control boards: 365
Supply and fit OEM style lights, and Control boards: 449  
Supply only LENs style lights, and Control boards: 415
Supply and fit LENs style lights, and Control boards: 499  

Fitting Time is 4-5 hours, please add approx 65 if you need Clear/Smoke Corners.

Contact: "Was" for further enquires or to make a booking.

Examples are shown below of each style:-
( Both Styles have the same indicator style)

OEM (TTS) Style

LENs Style
(with a focussed beam)


Wasim has worked some magic on the rear and created a Luxeon LED strip to allow a number of combinations including white reverse if you wanted
(sample pictures below)

PRICES - options

These prices are for the strips hand built with Wasim's custom circuit boards and drivers, fully installed into your lamps, enquiries to :- Wasim

1, Indicators only 195
2, Indicators & white reverse LEDs 285
3, Indicators & side or brake (1 intensity) 285
4, Indicators, side lights & brake lights 295

Videos  & Pictures

Various lighting video - click me

Rear Sidelight


Brake Lights


Circuit boards, hand made and in addition to this a custom board and drivers are installed to handle the intensity changes
and current limitation to ensure these leds are driven correctly and give a long service life.

Customer Cars:-

Special request for 1/2 Reverse LED setup.