Climate Control Knob Stress Crack

November 27th 2002

NEW INFORMATION: from Graysea on the TT Forum
there is no need to buy a replacement CC unit any more.  
A new part number is available, simply order the part: 8NO 819 681C / B98. Is just the cover plate to the switch - not the switch itself nor the CC unit in its entirety.

Part number 8NO 819 681C / B98 for left one and
Part number 8NO 819 682C / B98 for the right one.


WHY, HOW? I dont know.

I'm careful, easy on the switches and the car is garaged so not subjected to icy conditions.

Whyohwhyohwhyohwhy did this switch just decide to crack in half?

Any way after the boot lock fiasco, HWM get my business now, Dec 4th is D-DAY!

FIXED - yipee! in less than 45 minutes!..

I have checked EKTA, it is definitely a single part to order the climate control unit, however the dealer was true to his word, he said he would attempt to change the knob only.

I checked my before and after pictures, the display had dust particles in identical positions....conclusion...I am 99.9% sure they changed the knob only, and most likely they changed the plastic cap part only, the bit with OFF written on it!

I believe he removed my broken cap, worked out how to remove the good one from the new unit and then did a swap. This doesn't bother me but at all but I'd like to be able to buy a spare or 2 for the future to save myself the hassle!

13-01-2003 - Look what I found today in a showroom, Dolphin grey TTR with Recaros...


How are cracked knobs being fixed?