Removing a Door Panel

You will need to have a small thin rod, a thin screwdriver or a thin allen key will do
A T30 Torx driver

1. The alloy dimpled disc at the base of the door handle has a small hole underneath
Insert a thin rod and gently push and feel the flimsy plastic spring engaging the disc.

Turn the disc anti-clockwise whilst pushing the rod up, it only need a 1/4 turn to loosen it and pull out revealing the ONLY screw holding the door panel on.

2. Undo the T30 Torx bolt and remove, this is the only screw holding the door panel on.

3.Disengage the rubber end caps, they are only push fitted in and simply pull away.

Inner Door Cap


Outer Door Cap

Prise out the Red Reflector, Pull the Door Rubber in such a way to leave it attached to the door panel.

4. The whole door panel can now be lifted about 20cm and pulled away from the door about 6 inches

DO NOT pull any further, there are electrical connectors and the door release Bowden cable still attached.

Don't worry about the inner end pieces if they come out they are only push fitted and easy to fit afterwards but keep the outer door panel rubber connected to the door panel..

Here you can see the drop hooks that hold the door on and how a simple lift is needed to allow access to the rear of the door panel. Take note of the electrical connectors.

Here you can see the Bowden cable attached to the door pull

The white clip is push fitted into the retainer

5. Simply pull out the white clip and then disengage the hook from the door pull

6. You can now pull the top of the panel further away and disengage the 3 electrical connectors.
If you don't wish to remove the connectors then place the door in the open door frame to work on it in the car as below.

The door panel can be removed.

Refitting is the reversal of removal but...

Removing a Door Panel

Refitting Tip

This is much easier to do if the window is lowered, make sure the window is down!

A plastic sleeve designed to soften a bare metal edge is usually retained inside the door panel edging, when trying to refit the door panel its very easy for the welded bare metal to catch and not push itself into the sleeve making it hard to push the panel down and probably deforming the sleeve in the process.

Look under the top edge of the door panel and locate the sleeve guide which is embedded into a crevice, find it and pull it out.

Refit the sleeve over the bare metal edge.

After all electrical connectors and the Bowden hook is reconnected, engage the door hooks and gently slide the door panel down. The correctly placed plastic sleeve should make lowering the door as easy as cutting butter.

Then refit the end rubber pieces

The Outer rubber should be easier to push home as you are pushing against metal of the door.

The Red Reflector, Torx Bolt and door handle cap should finish off the job.