TT Coupe Boot Trim removal

These instructions should help you with the Coupe boot trim if you are installing any kit or are perhaps using the factory fit Satnav location to install a din size unit.

The 4 chrome luggage net hooks hide underneath them 2 torx T30 screws, remove them first.

Once undone remove the boot floor.
Remove the spare wheel tools insert and lift the far edge of the wheel

The Plastic boot edge trim has 2 small caps at the far ends with T25 screws in them, remove these screws.

Then lift the rubber hatch seal from around the boot edge

Pull the lower edge of the trim towards the spare wheel and lift the entire plastic trim, this is fiddly to remove but will come off, needs to go towards the car and up at the same time.

Remove the rear seat striker pin as this holds on to rear side panel and the boot panel.

NOTE: the rear boot panel tucks underneath the rear side panel, important when refitting.

Use a deep socket or pipe spanner, sorry I don't know the size as my pipe spanner is imperial and just works, no markings on it.

NOTE: Remember to align the striker on refitting with the seat catch before tightening it up.

Here you can see the 4 metal spring catches and the holes they clip into

Open the access flap  and get some grip to pull the back end of the trim and pull hard.

Use a piece of hard wood to help lever the front part of the panel out, then slide it towards the back of the car and away from the side.

NOTE: The clips may either disengage and remain in the car body so pliers will be needed to remove them.and/or the clip holder may break off the trim panel.
Its advisable to keep handy some hard plastic adhesive and a glue gun in case you need to effect some repairs.

Refit is the reversal of removal!