Changing Your Air-filter

AVS is a bit scary to an old-timer like me, as much as engine developments have changed and engines can go longer between services I don't believe Audi have managed to make a difference to air quality.

The Air filter is keeping the gunk out of the engine and sits just before the ever so sensitive air mass meter. The more gunk on the filter the more restrictive the air flow, the engine will in-turn have to compensate by adjusting fuel delivery.

So keeping it clean is a good idea and I have changed filters every 10000 miles on my cars so at 10384 its time to do it and here's how: -

You will need a medium size Philips screwdriver around 8" long.

1. Remove the battery cover by undoing the 3 screws and place to one side.

Note the Jubilee clip, Air mass meter(AMM) connector and 2 screws that will need undoing

2. Undo the Jubilee clip and push the hose off the air outlet
take care not to disturb other hoses and connectors around the pipe.

3. Gently remove the AMM connector.

4. Undo the 2 screws on the far side of the air-box, they disengage but do not come out completely.
They are designed to undo but remain in their holes.

5. Lift the screw side and tilt it towards you and the front side will disengage from the front hinges, the whole air-box / AMM lid can be lifted out revealing the air filter.