Steve Schwing's - VTDA

Go visit for information about Steve Schwing,
plus plenty of information on his VTDA benefits.
He's been playing with making improvements to the TT for longer than I can remember.

Imagine taking the superb noise of my airbox mod and making it last longer and its like adding a tuned subwoofer box in the engine bay with the added benefit of a K&N cone filter and louder DV noises.

I am a very happy man.

Take a Listen here... bass speakers needed, laptop speakers don't cut it!

It really is a great piece of kit, you can add some cold air add to its effectiveness but they are not neccessary.

Some of Steves pics...

Its available in Stainless, Brushed and Carbon effects, it also comes with or without insulation.

I went for stainless without insulation, the noise is fantastic, I love it.
Go to the Modshack to get yours

I have taken a cutter to my car and updated my cold air feed to be a single run of pipe.

I have the OEM snorkel cut short to allow room for the VTDA but behind it is connected a hose
The plan is to go straight down and forwards to the front lower grill

There is no room at all to get a feed down and out so I cut part of the inner wing away, many dremmel discs were used along with a couple of angle grinders and the rough edges painted, glued and covered with edging

This would allow the pipe to drop straight down without effecting the arch liner.

A single screw is used to attach the front of the angled scoop to the bumper

A small hole is drilled into the elbow to allow any water ingested to escape
Some  airflow will obviously go down the hole but should also force heavier water out the hole instead of up the pipe.

I'm very pleased with the end result, I reused the oem clip hole for the Alien pipe,
The arch liner went on as smooth as it came off.

The scoop is nice and stealth

On the road the recovery times of the airbox temps are down from 2 minutes to about 30 seconds
The VTDA was running around 4-6 degrees above ambient temps before,
now it is running around 1-4 degrees above ambient temps.