WhiTTe! 1st MOT

 Scary stuff the first mot specially for a modded car.
I decided to see how she faired with simply putting my plates on,
3 years old and she'd just hit 50K miles.

I've used Berkeley for years for all our cars, they are very thorough, but very fair and if you are sensible you do want to know what's wrong with your car so you don't kill yourself or someone else.

Well my lights got a few laughs but she passed
with the only comment being my brake disc holes need cleaning on the inside.

I thoroughly recommend Berkeley if you are in West London, they are a very professional outfit
and they have nothing to gain from failing you.

They did a Tapley test on the brakes which is some kind of g-force meter.
Its nothing to be scared of and you can see it done here. Click ME.

You also get an emissions printout too!