Changing a Battery

2002 225 Coupe

Tools: 10mm/13mm socket, socket extension bar, Philips Screwdriver
(A magnetic pickup tool is handy for mistakes)

Ensure you have the radio code.

Remove the 3 screws of the battery cover.
Its easier to remove the front trim cover as well, held down by plastic lugs.

The lugs have 3 stages where the centre pin is engaged at stage 1 locking them,
push the centre pin gently a few mm to stage 2 which will allow the lug to be withdrawn.
Stage 3 is when you have pushed the pin too far, its dropped out, try to avoid that. :o)

Once out, pull the pin through and put it back into the top ready to refit.

Take note of the battery shroud and the corner with an interlocking ridge,
pull the top cover at the front its clicked onto the front edge of the shroud
and use some wire to tie it to the strut brace to keep it held out of the way.
Undo the 10mm Negative terminal first followed by the Positive terminal.

At the front of the shroud is a 13mm and 10mm bolt, undo the 10mm bolt and carefully slide the front/left corners of the shroud upwards.

Then undo the 13mm bolt with the battery clamp, the battery can be now removed.

Now you've taken one out it shouldn't be hard to replace, reverse the process.

The positive terminal should be connected first and the negative terminal last.

The battery clamp should be tightened to 20nm.
The battery terminals should be tightened to 6nm
Remember to engage the top cover at the front of the shroud.

Its recommended to do a throttle body adaptation after a battery has been fitted.