12V PS2 Power

This is something I did a while ago but while doing a 12v boot socket mod I felt it was worth documenting.

I was originally running an inverter to convert 12v to 240v for the PS2, I also had to get out of the car to start the Playstation by getting into the boot to press the on switch, most annoying when you had only stopped for petrol with the kids wanting to watch a movie.

Search around the net eventually came up with BigCat Technologies who are making a range of PS2 gadgets 2 of which caught my eye.

1. A 12v power supply so you can run the ps2 directly off the cars wiring.


2. A remote on/off switch

Both available from Big Cat, customer service has been fantastic, both items come with comprehensive fitting instructions and the remote start switch is "Quality"!


The 12v supply is great meaning I don't have mains voltage in my car but I can not stress enough how fantastic it is to have a remote start switch, just after you have jumped into the car and forgotten to switch the ps2 on.

This kit is not cheap but it is very high quality and from the pictures above you can see looks great.