Sweet Symmetry
(Warning, this modification may not confirm to UK MOT requirements)

I don't like cutting into car looms, so this mod had to be done within the cluster so that no wiring looms were cut.

The mod is a combination of a number of previous mods.

The Double Brake Light Mod
The Rearlight Mod

The Double brake light prepares the cluster for the double brake and fog light modes of this mod.
The Rearlight mod gets you the rear cluster with white lens you need.

Double Brake Lights Double Reverse Lights Double Fog Lights

General requirements
Philips head screwdriver, Dremmel cutting disc
Chisel, Pliers, Wire10a capable, Soldering Iron, 12v switching relay, some bullet and spade connectors, Soft tape wrap.

  There are a few basic steps to this mod.

1. Replace the fog cluster with a Reversing lens cluster ( as Rearlight mod)
2. Enable the dual filament bulb holders (as Double Brake light mod)

The instructions assume the above is done.

3. Take the reverse cluster power feed to the fog cluster.
4. Take the the brake light feed and switch a fog feed to the brakes and reverse cluster.

You'll need a 12v switching relay, these normally have 5 pins underneath.

The REVERSE lamp cluster

Start with the REVERSE Cluster, this is what the plan is here.
Heat this plastic nipple to be able to lift the corner and cut the nipple off, this leaves you a hole to wire into for the reverse light and something to solder onto.

Cut this brake light track and bend over (this is the one enabled in the double brake light mod)
Feed wires as shown and solder, press the bent track to make a crimp
You can tie a knot to give some strain relief.
With some bullet connectors this cluster now has a reverse lamp output (female bullet)
and a Fog/Brake lamp input (male bullet). That's this cluster done!

The FOG lamp cluster

The plan is to integrate the relay and wiring on the cluster board

These pictures will show you the steps to review for preparing the relay wiring on the Fog cluster.

You should end up with the relay wired and both clusters with two wires to connect together, One for the reverse feed and One for the Fog/Brake feed.
The relay can be mounted with a self tapping screw that screws into open space.

Now either use these instructions to Remove the rear panel and get two wires from left to right OR

I got some hard boost tubing and managed to fiddle it through from one side to the other, connect some wire and pull it through.
Wrap the wire in some soft tape to ensure you don't get any rattles.

After this refit the clusters and enjoy the Double Lights and Symmetry.