Fitting a Forge Ramair
Induction Kit

(No breather hose airbox only 2002+)

Alternative: The Waks Power Induction Kit.

Listen to the Sound -TTR Forge Ramair/Forge Exhaust
Windows media 3.5mb

The Forge RamAir Induction kit is a very easy to fit item, it adds an induction hiss which is a very sexy sound as well as changing the characteristics of the car, removing the restrictive standard airbox on the TT.

Fitting is easy, you'll need a Flat blade and Philips screwdriver, A 10mm spanner and 10mm long socket:-

1. Remove the 3 bolts of the battery cover
2. Remove the 3 10mm bolts
3. unclip the AMM connector
4. Undo the Turbo Hose jubilee clip and push off the AMM conector

5.You should be able to remove the Airbox completely now. Lift from the turbo hose end.

6. The Forge kit should come with a Breather hose connector cap as its not required on 2002+ cars
but we had to fabricate a cover from a bottle cap and insulating tape.
7. Remove the 2 Philips screws to release the AMM housing.

8. Ease the AMM out of the airbox and pull out the large rubber O-Ring from the Airbox housing.

9. The kit comes with spacers however these seemed too large for the thickness of O-ring, we fabricated rubber spacers and assembled the AMM, O-ring, aluminium Ramair collar and the RamAir cone filter.

10. The kit doesn't come with any kind of support for the filter so we fabricated a "cats cradle" with cable ties to give it some support and flexibility.

All Done, just put back the battery cover and enjoy!