How to Check Your

Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid

Make sure the wheels are straight before starting this.

If the temp is above 50 degrees Centigrade then have the engine running when checking.

Undo the single screw above the water reservoir
turn and lift the cover as shown to remove it.

The large slotted green cap is the top of the hydraulic fluid reservoir.

Use a small bar or screwdriver shaft to undo it.

Clean the dipstick and screw the cap back so that the arrow on the cap reaches the first mark on the reservoir

Remove the cap and check the level is between the Min/Max, preferably on the max.

The recommended fluid is G 002 000 for the TT.

or revised part number G 004 000 M2

When retightening ensure the arrow on the cap lines up with the 2nd mark on the reservoir.