How to Remove a Fly from your Brake light!

With the hot summer months and weird creepy crawlies flying around there is a chance that the warm red illuminating brake light will attract some flys which will get inside and set up a small community.

So what is the process for removing the flys

Start by examining the fly and determining its motivation, find out what it needs.

When its comfortable with the situation and at ease, try to scare it by putting on your most
scary I'm a scary monster face!

If that doesn't work then try getting yourself into a position where you can ask the fly nicely to leave.

Avoid compromising positions with your fellow TT owners as this is how rumours start.

As the fly has refused to leave, write a polite letter asking it to vacate the premises and post it into the brake light.

If the letter doesn't work, pukker up your lips and entice it with a kiss!

If successful, the fly will jump out of the brake light and take you up on your seductive offer.
Just keep a towel handy!