Small Turbo Pipe

Sep 2005 - 57000miles

I was having a strange problem with an Oil burning smell coming into the car when parking or hitting traffic after a run. I thought maybe overfilling of oil or a leak somewhere.

There was no sign of excessive oil use, but the smell was strong and on lifting the bonnet there was burning oil vapour rising from the engine.

Adam at AmD saw me at short notice the next day, looked around the underneath and gaskets, they found no evidence of oil, a good sign at the time as it mean it wasn't near the turbo.

Adam removed the strut brace and I went off to recreate the problem, arrived back and the short pink turbo pipe had burning oil mist coming out of it.  Adam could feel a split underneath and after some parts searching  by Paul, it was not looking good for getting a replacement.
They managed to find one from somewhere in their parts bin and 15 minutes later the car is fixed and no more burning smells.

Strangely it didn't feel like there was any loss of boost through the split, but on examining the pipe there was a deeper crack nearer on of the openings but this has not split to the outside. This was a major boost leak about to happen. I think I will get a spare for the future.

Massive thumbs up to AmD for their help and seeing me so quickly.

I've been working with "Feel" from the Seat Forum and Forge Motorsport.

Forge have produced a Higher Quality FlouroSilicone version.

It has to be this type to withstand the heat and oil that can break down normal silicone.

Available from and