Changing Bulbs

A few people have asked about changing the various bulbs in the TT.

Its a 5 minute job, all you typically need is a Philips Screwdriver.


See my advice on a TT Toolkit!

The following will show you what to do at the battery side as the opposite side is much easier.

Remove the Philips screws holding the covers, 1 behind the water bottle and 3 on the battery cover.

On the battery side you may find the battery earth lead and a wiring loom connector are restricting the light cover from opening. The loom connector sits in a plastic housing on the wing. Its just clipped in and can be pulled out with some force.

Once out, you can open the spring clip on the back of the lamp and ease the cover back.

NOTE: Although the covers are slid away from the wing for access they are fiddly to reseat.

Once the main backing cover spring clip is pushed over and the cover withdrawn, a smaller spring clip inside must be pushed over to release the main beam H7 and parking light bulb holder.

Simply pull the H7 or twist the sidelight bulb and refit the replacement.

Towards the wing is the Xenon bulb holder which requires a twist to release..


Open the side flap in the boot

Inside there are 2 knurled knobs top and bottom, they are near the flap opening on the inside....undo both of these.
Pull the cluster straight back away from the car, the outer edge is held by a ball joint which will pop out with a little effort.

It'll come out a few inches then disengage the wiring loom from its socket, just pull it off.

2 Philips screws hold the bulb holder onto the light cluster, remove the entire bulb holder and change your bulb.

Main Beam H7
Dipped (non xenon) H1
Dipped (Xenon) D2S
Front Fog H3
Front parking/Side lights H6W

Get these H6W LED's from
Front Indicator H21W (10mm base, similar to H6W but longer)

(Note: these are deep under the lamp, try using the opposite hand to reach them i.e. if facing the car and doing the right hand lamp, use your left hand to get to it, 1/4 turn to release the holder.)
Interior centre roof light Festoon 42x11
Interior spot lights T4W
Boot Interior Side and tailgate W5W
Number Plate lights Festoon 31x10
Rear Indicator lights / Fog / Reversing 21W / 12V (15mm base)
Tail / Stop lamps 21W / 5W/ 12V Dual filament (15mm base)