The following is an Audi TT Introduction article supplied by Audi AG. All specifications mentioned are for european models.

The Audi TT design study shown at the 1995 German Motor Show was greeted enthusiastically, not least for the sheer purity of its design. Now the series-production model is about to be launched, and confirms the fascinating, no-compromise design of this remarkable sports car. The original concept is still totally intact - something of a rarity in automobile development! The necessities of series production have been incorporated into the design with exceptional care.

The TT first took shape in the minds - or better still, in the hearts - of Audi designers who have retained all their enthusiasm for a truly outstanding car, and who were given as much freedom as possible to translate their concept of "the way Audi should build a sports car" into reality.

With the TT, Audi acknowledges the strong pull exerted by the thoroughbred sports car in its original form. Even the model name is a tribute to one of the legends of motor sport, the famous "Tourist Trophy" race.

The new Audi TT will appeal to men and women who appreciate technical skills and performance, and who wish to live out and demonstrate their personal style with an unmistakable sports car of advanced design. For them, the new Audi TT Coupé, in particular the quattro, is a unique chapter in automobile culture that fully matches their own high standards.

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