Eclipse Lights - Clear/Smoke Corner

"Was" from the TT Forum has been working on developing a kit to add the BMW Angel Eye effect to the TT.
Check out his site

He's still developing the mod and working on getting a smaller ring to double up the angle eye, but the current main beam version rocks and all credit to him, he has invested heavily into this and the product is fantastic with many other applications coming up.

Also RISO from the TT forum is developing some unique mods for the TT see them here

His own mod along with the Osir Design Smoke or Clear indicator lenses is a fantastic combination
These are available from the TTSHOP and their fitting instructions are here.

Below are links to those who have done this mod.

Love_iTT  - Eclipse Light, Smoke Corner, Titanium Lamp

UK225 - Eclipse Light, Clear Corner, Black Lamp

Wak_TT - Eclipse Light, Smoke Corner, Blank Lamp

UPDATE:- Look what I have done to my Angel Eyes... :o)

More detailed fitting instructions are here

A couple of clear corner movies to see them in action (2mb)



BMW 3 Series E36