UK225 introduced me to Phill (FEEL on  ) who is producing the 225 charge pipe with no baffle, a larger bore and a number of options of finish as well as to have or not have a diverter valve take off pipe. Useful for anyone who's relocated their diverter valve.

Being attracted to shiny things I went for a polished pipe, but had some reservations about the grip on the flat ends as UK225 had some turbo pipes blow off.

I had some tig welds done on the ends to allow a jubilee to bite and so far it feels ok, there is a slight change in turbo note but not a lot on a chipped car with induction, and top end revs feel stronger.


Slight difference in length

OEM Clip I had an 8mm oem clip, but my recent replacement came with a 11.5mm oem clip

JCS 12mm clip fits perfectly.

Lovely, just need to polish that inlet manifold now! ;o)