Philips Blue Vision / LED's


Having fitted a set on TTotals car and not being too impressed although we did only look at them in daylight...

I was bamboozled at GTI international and sold a set from Powerbulbs
who claimed these were a new product and better than the old ones so bought a set for 20.

So they were fitted today!

Packaging , My little helper......they don't work as well when rammed into the dipstick holder!

The end result was disappointing with the side lights.
I achieved better results with a blue marker pen which you can see below.

I have tried to offer a vision of what you will be getting and my comments are only an opinion but...

I believe the main beam is better but not a light that is commonly used, the fogs I haven't done but again its a rarely used bulb and when it is no one is going to give a monkeys that your fogs matching the xenons anyway.

However, the main beam Philips bulb is definitely blue-er and can be clearly seen below.

The sidelights are the main problem and although I got a good effect with the marker, the blue has worn off over the month or so its been on and the upper part of the bulb has cleared hence its yellow on top but blue-er below.

In my opinion do the main beam but don't bother with the sidelights.

 I am working on another option that should work well and I'll update all once I know its workable and obtainable product. ;o)

UPDATE - LED's look cool!


I got hold of some White light bayonet LED's and ground off a single nipple,
 if they are not identical choose the shorter of the 2 to leave one with more grip.


Instructions for getting to the light covers can be found here: -

Once the covers are off there is another spring clip that is similar to the cover clip holding on a cream coloured holder,
moving this aside will allow you to pull back the bulb holder that holds both the main beam and sidelight components.

As only a small part of the holder is metal, its advisable to bend the metal inwards a little to help ensure a good contact.
When inserting the bulb ensure the remaining pin is hooked into the metal side and has a firm grip.

They are still a tight fit in the bulb holder so there is little chance of them dropping out.
The bulb holder can then be replaced and the spring clip reattached,
its easier to look through the headlight when re-fitting the bulb holder.

Do both sides and enjoy how cool they look.

If your concerned then a tiny drop of solder where the proper H6W nipple should go and you can make your own nipple.;o)

These LED's were from , they are 4W rated sidelights as opposed to the original 6W.
UPDATE:- I have had only poor quality products from Superbright and no longer recommend them.

UPDATE:- ULTRALEDS are now doing H6W replacements in a 6 led cluster

See below the difference in intensity.

The pictures below are on a long exposure, they are not as bright as this or the original bulbs, but they are bright enough and the colour match is spot on xenon's. These pictures are just to highlight the colour, I think they look fantastic.

 This picture has been Gamma corrected to 56%of the original to the actual light levels to give you an idea.

I also used the wedge bulbs that come free with the Powerbulb kit to replace the interior boot lights so there's a nicer white light given off when you open the boot :o)

MORE Highlights:-

Playing with bulb paints I have coloured the interior lights, they give a fantastic glow at night.

Have also worked on the rear number plate lights turning a yellow light into a white light!
This is using bulb paint

This is using Festoon LED bulbs, Andyman suggested that the larger 6 led bulbs will fit
and they were a bit tight being 10mm larger than the standard bulbs but with a little effort they did fit!

Use a flat blade screw driver in the arrowed location and gently lever it away to remove the bulb holder.

How it looks! Very nice In my opinion.


A. Side indicator lights
4 LED Wedge bulbs in yellow although they have a yellow base its not visible, if they are, then use a black marker or black insulation tape wrapped around it.

B. Front Sidelights
Diffused White bayonet BA9s LED, 1 pin ground off to fit.

C. Front Sidelights Experiment.
Clear LED fitted to a bayonet base....Light was clearer but intensity was 30-40% less than the diffused. Not a good option. Next experiment, 4 LED cluster soldered to the bayonets coming soon!

D. Rear Number plate lights and interior centre light.(Coupe)
6 LED Festoon bulb, in White to replace the rear plate lights, the oem bulb is smaller so some gentle squeezing with long nose pliers to enlarge the holder and these fit great.
For the interior, a Blue Festoon gives a nice lighting effect.
UPDATE: I have had a lot of trouble with these in reliability so dont recommend them any more, only option is to buy 1 for its shell and replace it with 5mm LED's

E. Interior Boot Lights
The Philips Bluevision 3000kelvin bulbs replace the boot lights will give off a nice white light instead of the oem yellow bulbs.


Warp Power engaged, Warp factor 10.....Make it so!>>>

LED's on a light colour


LED's on a dark colour - Black Coupe,

LED's on a More Coupe, door pulls and wing mirrors only.

Red LEDS in Door Pulls

Love_iTT's RED - in vent lights too!

Blue Interior  Lens Tint

Phone Leds - fantastic!

TT Heaven!

2007 Update

Changed alarm led's to White, look superb on my colour and...


Got fed up with blowing sidelights so made my own
10mm, 4 chip x 25000mcd 40degree viewing angle LED ( from )

Light Bulb Specs (2002 TTC):

Main Beam H7
Dipped (non xenon) H1
Dipped (Xenon) D2S
Front Fog H3
Front parking lights H6W
Front Indicator H21W (10mm base, similar to H6W but longer)
Interior centre roof light Festoon 42x11
Interior spot lights T4W
Boot Interior Side and tailgate W5W
Number Plate lights Festoon 31x10
Rear Indicator lights / Fog / Reversing 21W / 12V (15mm base)
Tail / Stop lamps 21W / 5W/ 12V Dual filament (15mm base)