Central Locking Coding

NOTE: all the information presented is personal opinion and presented in good faith, nothing on these pages is validated or endorsed by Audi and you should be aware that you could make changes that may disable features of your car.
Always note down the original setting of anything you do and if you are not confident with what you are doing then just don't do it.

A number of features of the central locking are not promoted by the dealers but are very useful to have and make ownership more pleasurable and safer.

The features control these four main functions:-

1. Windows open/close - The comfort feature allowing windows to be opened or closed by holding the lock/unlock on the key fob.
2. Autolock - The car will lock when you reach 15km/h and unlock when you pull the key from the ignition
3. Alarm confirmation beep - a very subtle beep when the alarm is correctly armed, a small honk if you have a euro/US spec alarm
4. Double press unlock - the drivers door only will unlock on the first press of the remote, 2nd press will unlock both doors.

Why would you want these features.

1. Opening the Windows when you have squeezed the remote in your pocket and are out of sight of the car can be avoided
2. An anti car jacking feature to help ensure your door cant be opened at junctions and traffic lights
3. The alarm may not arm depending on certain conditions, when you are used to the beep, this is more apparent
usually a repeat unlocking and locking will arm the car properly and the beep is an additional confirmation for you
4. Another anti car jacking feature to only unlock the drivers door and avoid anyone jumping into the passenger seat whilst you are getting into the car.

Select the Control Modules

Select "35" Central locking module

You should see the following screen and the software coding is the value of the settings, in this example 7918.

We used to work out the binary coding of this but KEV_ST from the TT forum wrote a fantastic utility which makes coding a few clicks.
Download BASECODE from KEV-ST's site
or Here

The software coding can simply be entered and decoded to visually display the currently selected options,
simply select or deselect the required settings and the New Base Code window will show the new value.

Select "07" Recode on Vagcom and the following window will be displayed
Replace the 07918 software coding with the new (7854 example) value, leave the workshop code alone and click the "Do It!"

Exit VAG-COM, switch the ignition off and test the selected features.