Cruise Control Brake/Clutch Switch Checking

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Always note down the original setting of anything you do and if you are not confident with what you are doing then just don't do it.

If you are having any issues with the brake lights or symptoms of Cruise control not disengaging e.g. when you press the clutch, it may be as simple as a switch not working any more.

The switch output from the brake, clutch and cruise control stalk can be checked via VAG-COM.

Select Control Module

Select "01" Engine

Select "08" Measuring Blocks

Select Block "066" and GO!

Display columns 2 and 4 show binary switch outputs from the Clutch/Brake pedals and the Cruise control stalk, when you press the pedals or operate the switch, the 0's should change to 1's or visa-versa.
The change indicates a working switch, if no change occurs you can isolate the failing switch.