Led's and Eclipse Lights

Xenon Side Lights

These Quad 5mm LED's give out a Xenon like White light as opposed to the standard yellow oem bulbs.

available from www.ultraleds.co.uk

4x5mm leds in White, No more Yellow Sidelight.

Eclipse Lights

A product developed and marketed by a TT enthusiast, there are no words that can describe how brilliant these look. Don't even compare them to BMW lights they are an awesome effect Xenon temperature angel eyes.

You can contact "WAS" from the TT forum on his website www.eclipse-lights.com

Take one standard car

Get the Headlights off.

Remove the headlight lense and decide on what to do.

Complete your installation trials.

Refit the headlights... the end result!

As ever Was has done a fantastic job, I cant recommend enough how excellent these look.
Get yourself the best if you want that Angel Eye Angry Xenon Mutha look!


UPDATE - Added a trigger to run the lights from the key fob remote

Interior light is the best place to take a trigger.

Remove the light console by removing the lens (pull at the front edge), undoing the two screws and releasing 2 metal clips

solder some flying leads to the +ve and -ve bulb terminals

Run cable from the roof hole, across the front edge of the roof, to the A-pilar joint, to the outer edge and down under the door seal to the fuse box area. Just tuck it into the edge of the linings.
A Piece of cardboard makes a safe tool to help push cable into edges.

Remove the fuse board panel and the driver lower dash
2 nuts under the fuse panel and 2 underneath the lower dash will release it.
Undo the 2 fuse panel holders, and detach from the frame to make it easier to work with

You need to add a 2 independent circuit relay to switch power to these two fuses for the side light circuit, the wires to attach to are shown.
I used 3m Scothlocks, they are gel based and encase connections to ensure no oxidation

FOR A TT the principle is the same
TT Loom

I used a dual pole single circuit relay.....

So the Light cluster connects to the relay circuit coil
The two relay outputs connect to the wires shown above
The two relay inputs I connected to the same source via an inline fuse holder 15a (sidelights are 2x5amp), Terminal 30 on the Buzz Bar.

Tidy up and put it all back together.