Wax Wizard Visit

Finally did it, Got Mark round to do a little wizardry! and figured its worth the Paint Protection to help longevity as I plan to keep the car for a while.
So we thought of making it a day of it, Boys messing with toys and girls supplying food an drink! Heaven! ;o)

John&NickB did all the hard work and arranged it all with Mark to get both our cars done so many thanks to them and everyone who turned up, MrsWak ;o), Daniela (A3DFU), Nicky(B), all for ensuring the boys were well fed and never without a drink.

Nice to meet Ben (& Jerry ;o) ) - Scotty26, (Told you to come later! ;o) )
and the regulars, John (TTotal), Morgan (UK225), John (NickyB's Hubby)

Thanks to Mark for all his efforts and a long day of cleaning.

and last but not least, Amir (PhoTToniq) who couldn't find he way home even with a SAT-NAV!!! LOL!

Weather forecasts were sketchy and the day started a bit cloudy but cleared up nicely.
I also have a problem with taking pictures of my car in the camera exposure turns down as its too bright, so some of my WhiTTe pictures have had the contrast enhanced.

The other thing is its almost impossible to photograph the improvement on white, but read on >>>

I took some before photos, but she's kept fairly clean so the main thing to check out is the years worth of road grime inside the wheels.

Mark brought lots of containers of cleaning goodies for everyone but Nicky had not arrived, A quick call and frantic Nicky told me she'd just killed a wasp in the car and was on her w......blew my ear off and hung up screaming. :o(
John called a few minutes later saying they had found wasp no.2! LOL!

 Mark got straight down to it when they arrived and with a few breaks spent about 7 hours doing the 2 cars.
Clean, Wash, Cleanse, Paint Protect, Wax, Wheels...etc. it's a lengthy old process.

As is now custom I was egged on to get the obligatory builders crack shot here:-
They really wanted a vertical down shot but I felt it was stepping over the bounds of decency!

 The boys were getting bored looking at Johns Baseball leather and began to find the bins more interesting
perhaps for its skip-like similarities

The car park was overflowing but they were in good company of an original quattro 4WD.

I mentioned the double light brake mod
and 8 clusters, yes 4 cars later 90% of TT owners had double break lights, it was like a production line team of owners removing clusters bringing them to me to mod! good fun! ;o)
Only 1 sceptic who will remain nameless but couldn't find his way around with a SAT-NAV, didn't take up the offer! ;o)

We also found that VW Boras share the TT's same skin stripping design when changing bulbs, we fitted some blue vision bulbs to a nameless skip owner and were amazed at the effect. Laughter!
Also switched a Ramair Kit back to a standard airbox for John!. :-x!

When Mark was done the car looked superb the paint feels so smooth and better then the day I picked it up...Its too hard take a picture showing the effect on white but it had an almost water like reflective finish. Check pics. of Nicky's Car at the end for a better idea of the results.

The MC2 multi-clean product is also a fantastic product,
Check out the wheel picks below, that's a years worth of grime, removed by NO CONTACT, just spray on, wait a little and jet-wash off, I have subsequently done our old cars with 5-8 years of inner grime and a friends X5 with the same result.
If any is left over then you have to apply a 2nd application a little later to finish it off!

This man lives to clean so offered to clean Morgan's wheels

We had a quick look at Morgan's Ipaq SAT-NAV fit which was great and works well unlike some others I wont mention.

Mark kindly cleaned Daniela's car which was looking good with its new back side but undressed without the QUATTRO which is coming soon, It was getting a bit dark and dull taking pictures so this was the only one I got when Mark was cleaning it!


Lovely gleaming paintwork and mirror like finish!
(Pictures taken the next day)

The finish is an amazing sight, I don't want to drive the car to preserve its current condition.
The bodywork feels smooth over large areas, its an unreal paint feeling which you don't even get straight from the dealer.
It is hard to describe but I've taken the best pictures I can below to help illustrate it.

Many Thanks Mark!

p.s. we found wasps no's 3,4 & 5 the following morning in Nicky's car!

The First Wash! and the Wax Wizard stuff is working nicely! :o)