Coil Pack Failure

Dec 9th 2002 - 10364 miles

I have just had a cold and flu weekend and am about to get back into the rat race to work.

I start the car up and its got an occasional lumpiness in its running, almost like the old idle hunting syndrome that over-fuelled cars have.

So pull off to go to work and its beginning to misbehave and get more lumpy intermittently.

Stop and its freezing out there and start checking the engine for loose connectors but have my suspicions its the coil pack. I'm getting rapidly pissed off and my cold is returning so I call up Audi assist who promptly send out a recovery trailer and organise a car for me...
A Ford Mondeo for my sins.

I have to say I do feel like Audi are providing a good service here.

Anyway I limp home and wait for the truck by which time the lumpiness is now regular and the engine warning light has appeared.

VAG COM let me diagnose cylinder 1 as being faulty.


HWM Walton on Thames received the car and it has been coil packs in stock so they used my spare. (50 well spent) :o)

Coil Packs we should have had?---Maybe?

I'm told the shortage is due to newly developed packs are being prepared and should be available in a few weeks.

I collect it tomorrow morning!

Got it, its purr-ing like a pussy! :o)