Rear Adjustable Tie Bars

Anyone considering lowering an original TT with standard suspension or changing from the current quattro GMBH lowered suspension, standard in the UK, to a lower kit should consider Adjustable tie bars.

The other reason to consider these would be if you are likely to have a full load a lot, i.e. family of 4 and a boot load of stuff.

The more weight you are carrying the greater the average time the rear suspension will spend on closer or beyond the expected normal camber setting. this can cause uneven wear which also means that your tyres are not making full contact.

Originally thought to be an aesthetic mod for no real benefit, I have suffered 3 sets of tyres like this on the rear:-

The Tie Bars  are available from Forge Motorsport or from AmD

They are typically fitted to replace the upper arm although I believe they can be fitted to the lower arm.

Aesthetically they take away the accentuated camber from lowering and allow you to set it to the nominal optimum which does still look great.

But the difference from when you have had partial loading of tyres is 100% of the tread is now making contact, the feel of the rear is fantastic, like a limpet, stuck to the road.
I wasn't expecting much, but really wish I had done them with the suspension lowering, an excellent mod!

The feels so much better and more stable, hopefully the tyres wearing evenly will mean I will wear them out less often as well.