Forge Front Mount Intercooler
Front Mount Oil Cooler

The merits of these two mods seems minor and on the surface you have to consider the overall cost and what it means to you.

The front mount intercooler has around 4-5 times the surface area of the standard intercoolers although around 2-3 times is exposed to the front of the car, the whole unit will still benefit from a frontal assault of air flow and surprisingly most people believe only the side grills on TT feed the 2 intercoolers, but there is ducting to scoop air from the front as well.

In summer and hot weather your car could suffer performance drops of up to 20bhp, something you can notice also at high revs as the turbo is spinning its fastest and the exhaust gases are at their highest temps. In turn heating the intake air temperatures.
When going over 5000 revs the cars urgency will begin to tail off!

The front mount intercooler will maintain much more of your power by ensuring your engine is fed cooler air taking a larger cooling surface area and more direct airflow.

I have also added links to an RS4 article which explains the usefulness of the additional cooler, The only difference is that the Mocal thermostat is set to operate at 80 degrees Celsius as opposed to the 120 degrees of the RS4.

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The single intercooler does not suffer from a pressure drop associated with using 2 units and in turn you feel the car does not lose power over 5000 revs but will pull to its red line.

The oil cooler will really be beneficial when driving hard in that the oil temp will remain lower reducing oil breakdown and increasing the life of your engine oil. In normal driving I have noticed a much more stable temperature and approximately 2-3 degrees off the overall system.

This may not seem like much of a drop but when driving hard it will run 5-15 degrees cooler than it would otherwise run and this mod will definitely help longer engine life and oil life which is very important on re-mapped cars as well.

Excellent install by AmD Its the attention to detail that keeps me going back there for more! :o)

I took pictures plus interesting inside bumper and under body photos in the  Picture Gallery Here!