TT Ipaq Sat Nav

Forum member Kop wanted an Ipaq Sat Nav system so myself and UK225 offered to help, luckily UK225 came and did most of the work as I was ill.

The requirements were an Ipaq Bluetooth Sat Nav , and sound through the OEM stereo.

The Challenge was the Ipaq has no navigation control lead to trigger the stereo mix and only has a mini jack output.
The other challenge is it doesnt seem to be a 12v device, it and the bluetooh gps are about 5v.

Kop went for a recent Ipaq but also the TOM TOM software which came with a very versatile and cool looking GPS.
As well as a hard wire charging cradle it comes with a sticky metal panel to stick on the dash of another car as the unit is magnetic it easily transports to another car.

As well as these units and clips, cables ties etc
You will need:-
A Brodit mount with cut out for the headphone minijack.
A mini jack lead with a v.low profile plug on it.
A nice switch
An additional multi cigar lighter socket.
A fused relay.
Stereo removal tools

The lower dash, knee braces and transmission tunnel front panels were removed to gain access to space to hide the multi cigar lighter..A.

An ignition switched relay B. was connected to provide the earth connection to the sat nav control on the radio via a switch A. this is to enable the Ipaq audio mixing over the radio music.

The back of the radio simply needs connection to the Sat nav control and the mini-jack output from the Ipaq B.
This installation already had telephone connections from a bluetooth kit A.

Job done, the Sat Nav works well, mixes instructions into the music and has the versatility of the Ipaq being able to be updated with software.
The Bluetooth GPS is charged in its cradle and can be unclipped to work in another car if needed.